• Wrinkle Cream
    Wrinkle Cream
    Re-energize the skin to protect all wrinkle and line.
  • Moist Gel
    Moist Gel
    SAL Moist Gel brings to skin care the latest developments in moisturising technology. The formula’s semi-solid, jelly-like consistency results in an impressive shape-memorising characteristic that assures maximum moisture retention.
  • C+Organic Foam
    C+Organic Foam
    The lightweight cleansing foam helps protect skin from the many threats to healthy skin, among them air pollution, chlorinated tap water.
  • IEG-Elastin Broth
    IEG-Elastin Broth
    IEG compositionTM, the synergist of two growth factors, EGF and IGF to stimulate new skin cells for...
  • Eye cream
    Eye cream
    Eye cream contains acmella oleracea extract which smooths lines and wrinkles especially under the eyes
  • F+APP Essence
    F+APP Essence
    Fullerene, the nanotech material for which its three discovers received the Nobel Prize of chemistry in 1996...
  • Firming Cream
    Firming Cream
    Contains SYN®-AKE, Age Killing Effect, for anti-wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles and natural amino acid to...
  • Licoex Cream
    Licoex Cream
    Derived from Licorice, polyol soluble licorice extract P-T (40) can hinder unwanted pigmentation caused by...