• Carboxy Therapy
    Carboxy Therapy
    Carboxy therapy is a safe and clinically proven technique that can dramatically diminish cellulite and excess fat. By delivering carbon dioxide to fat layer, the gas directly improve the body’s fat metabolism and excretion systems. It is fast, comfortable and effective.
  • G 5 with Slimming Cream
    G 5 with Slimming Cream
    This slimming treatment helps firm your skin. The vibration generated by G5 also helps break down unwanted overaccumulated subcutaneous fat without any side effects.
  • Meso Lipo
    Meso Lipo
    Mesolipo solution is specially designed to blast away excessive subcutaneous fat through natural body fat metabolism system with White kidney bean extract and Insulin-like growth factor. Shape-up your body, start feel your toned body contour within only 2-3 treatment sessions.
  • RF-Cellu Smooth
    RF-Cellu Smooth
    RF Cellu Smooth functions to reduce the size fat cells and cellulite and simultaneously firm up and revitalize your skin. The radio frequency treatment is safe and effective in reducing body part circumferences.