• Premium Scrub
    Premium Scrub
    Exfoliates your skin with our signature all natural premium scrubs.
  • Aroma Therapy Massage
    Aroma Therapy Massage
    Relax and tune your body and mind balance with 100%natural aroma essential oil will smooth out, hydrate and give your skin better elasticity.
  • Swedish  Massage
    Swedish Massage
    This popular therapeutic oil massage will ease away stress of the day. Making you feel totally relaxed from head to toe. It also helps relieve muscular strains. Facilitate blood and lymph circulation, stimulate the nervous system and improve the respiratory system.
  • Thai Massage
    Thai Massage
    Thai massage is based on traditional Thai reflexology heritage and stretching techniques that can alleviate muscular pains, relieve tensions, facilitate blood circulation and bring back the right body balance.
  • Anti Cellulite Massage
    Anti Cellulite Massage
    With special technique and slimming oil. This massage helps dissolve subcutaneous fat and cellulites making it easy for your burn them through metabolism process.
  • Lisa Frances Body Treatment
    Lisa Frances Body Treatment
    Recover radiance, vitality and soft, silky and revitalized skin with fruit powder